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This winter season, to help you stay on the path of health and mental sanity, we have some wonderful workshops.

Winter Solstice Intensive

Winter Solstice Intensive

Five day Intensive Workshop Kofi Busia

Wednesday, December 13 – Sunday, December 17, 2017

Intermediate Students, Levels II-III
5:00pm to 7:00pm

Advanced Students, Levels IV-V
10:30am to 12:30pm (except Saturday, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm)

YCSC is grateful to offer Kofi’s Intensive Workshops. Take the opportunity to deepen your practise both physically and intellectually with one of the foremost teachers in the Iyengar tradition. Kofi Busia, one of Mr. Iyengar’s earliest students, he has been teaching for over 43 years, and has held his Advanced Certificate for over 42 years.

Kofi Busia has been teaching yoga in the Iyengar tradition for more than 43 years and has held an Advanced Iyengar Teaching Certificate for more than 35 years. On a quarterly basis, Kofi gives a 5-day intensive workshop at the Yoga Center Santa Cruz studio. Two sessions are given each day; students need not come every day, and one may book for 1 or 2 classes on each day.

These classes are not recommended for students who are unfamiliar with Iyengar yoga.

Please note, the Level IV-V classes are only for strong and well-established Iyengar-style students. Email info@yogacentersantacruz if you have questions.

$25 per class for 4 classes or fewer.
$22 per class if doing 5 classes or more.
Online registration includes a 3% Paypal surcharge..

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Neck and Shoulders Workshop

Neck and Shoulders Workshop

Two Day Workshop with Anaid Valdiva and Craig Schuetze

December 30, Saturday – December 31, Sunday 2-5pm
The neck and shoulders are two of the most commonly stressed and injured areas. Between working, driving and acarrying daily loads our necks and shoulders take on much of our modern stress. Whether from cold or holiday anxieties, our the neck and shoulders often tense up in the winter.

This workshop will focus on poses that safely release, strengthen, and open the neck and shoulders. Students of all levels and physical ability are welcome. Please download the flier for more information.

Anaid Valdiva is an Intermediate I Iyengar Yoga Teacher from Guadalajara, Mexico. Born into a family of yoga teachers and trained as a professional dancer, she began training Iyengar yoga in 2009 with Chantal Gomez Jauffred, Mexico’s senior Iyengar teacher. Anaid has led workshops in China, Colombia, and Costa Rica, and her native Mexico.

Craig Schuetze is an Introductory II Iyengar teacher and a certified yoga therapist. He began practicing yoga to recover from a forty-foot fall in 2002, and began studying Iyengar yoga while living at the San Francisco Zen Center in 2005. He is grateful to his loving teachers: Kofi Busia, Alex Cleveland, Maya Lev, and Lois Steinberg.

Advanced registration: $65.00 ($55 with student Id)
Day of workshop: $75.00
One day: $40.00
Online registration includes a 3% Paypal surcharge.

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Iyengar Yoga for Menstruation

Iyengar Yoga for Menstruation

Presented by Gwendolyn Derk, MD/PhD student at University of Illinois

January 13th, Saturday 2-4pm
This very informative lecture/demonstration gives participants the opportunity to observe, discuss, and experience Iyengar Yoga Therapy for Menstruation asanas for healthy women, identify poses with contraindications, and learn modi cations for certain pathologies.Please download the flier for more information.

Gwendolyn Derk is an Intermediate I Iyengar Yoga Teacher from Urbana, IL and has been studying under the guidance of senior teacher Lois Steinberg. Gwen finds Iyengar Yoga to be the most efficient way to stay physically and mentally healthy. She continues to thirst for more knowledge and is humbled by the level of reflection and compassion that teaching Iyengar Yoga brings to her own practice. She is completing an MD/PhD degree from the University of Illinois and conducting a clinical trial on the effects of Iyengar Yoga on Dysmenorrhea.

$30 per participant and includes access to online lectures.
Online registration includes a 3% Paypal surcharge.

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A Restorative Yoga Workshop

A Restorative Yoga Workshop

Nurture in the New Year with Alice Kennedy

January 21, Sunday 2-5pm
If the past year or holiday season has left you feeling stressed, worn out, or uneasy….start the New Year by fully releasing the past and softly nurturing yourself in the present. By putting your body into gentle, supported stretches for a prolonged period in a safe and supportive environment, we will help to restore a deep sense of calm and ease to your nervous system so that you feel rested and clear to greet the New Year. A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to letting go of the past and embracing intentions for the present. Download the the flier for more information.

$35 early bird before Jan 7th
$45 after Jan 7th

Register directly at Yoga With Alice

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